Sharing the Miracles of Jesus in the South Pacific Islands & Nicaragua

La Barra Dental Project & Evangelism Outreach

On February 12-18 MiracleAir sponsored a Dental mission trip together with an evangelistic series held in a remote coastal village of Nicaragua. We praise God that it was an amazing success with over 300 patients receiving dental care. In all the team of 4 dentists extracted 320 teeth, filled 71 cavities and provided 76 cleanings to patients who would have had no other option except to travel out of the region at great expense. Steven has put together another one of his amazing videos so we encourage you to share it in your churches and with your friends. It is just 4 and a half minutes so it’s perfect for a mission spotlight!

A New Direction for MiracleAir

For the past two and a half years we have been working to obtain permissions for our Bush Hawk float plane to enter Nicaragua and we have not yet been successful. This beautiful plane was donated to work in the mission field and we have been looking at other countries where it could be a tremendous blessing. Some countries like Honduras and Belize already have a similar service and other countries are more developed and the need is not so great. In addition, our plane is very unique as it is amphibious, meaning it can land on both land and water. This is an amazing blessing but there are fewer locations where this capability is needed.

As we prayed about where our plane would be the biggest blessing our attention was turned to the islands of the South Pacific. There are literally many hundreds of islands and travel between them is a major challenge. We made contact with church leaders of the Trans Pacific Union and they are excited about the possibilities. As a result we will be making an initial trip to this region to explore the possibilities. Some of the island nations we are considering are Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Please pray that God will open and close doors as He sees best. 

Our desire is to share the love of Jesus and hasten His second coming

The Need

Along the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua over 250,000 people live without adequate access to medical care.

The Challenge

In some cases it can take days for a patient to reach medical care.  A difficult 5 hour boat ride can be replaced with a 40 minute flight!


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