Sharing the Miracles of Jesus in the most remote regions of Nicaragua.

La Barra Dental Project & Evangelism Outreach

On February 12-19 we will be participating in a joint dental mission and evangelistic campaign to the community of La Barra which is only accessible by boat. This region seldom sees a dentist and we are planning on having a team of 5 dental workers provide care to about 350 patients. Costs for this service will be about $5,000 dollars of which we have already raised half. That works out to only $15 per patient!!! We praise God that the planning of this trip is going well. We only need $2,500 to complete the necessary funding.

Over the past two months, three Bible workers have been in La Barra studying with those who are interested. This will be followed by an evangelistic campaign that will take place at the same time as the dental mission trip. We ask that God will touch the heart of these people as they learn
about Him.

Our desire is to share the love of Jesus in the most remote regions of Nicaragua.

The Need

Along the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua over 250,000 people live without adequate access to medical care.

The Challenge

In some cases it can take days for a patient to reach medical care. A difficult 5 hour boat ride can be replaced with a 40 minute flight!


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