Canadian Donations

Giving is Simple!

Click on a missionary or project below or give directly in support of MiracleAir.

Donating is Simple!

We have partnered with AngelOne Canada, a registered Canadian charity with a heart for mission service. In addition to donation support, we also receive aviation, logistical and mission support as a member of AngelOne.

What Are Funds Used For?

As you might imagine, launching and setting up a sustainable aviation mission project includes a diverse set of expenses. Your donation to MiracleAir operations include such things as:

  • Launching costs for the missionaries

  • Airplane related costs such as fuel, maintenance and insurance

  • Outreach resources and gospel work

  • Humanitarian projects

  • Infrastructure development

  • Training

  • Travel and living expenses for the missionaries

How can I give?

We accept checks, credit cards, wire transfers and cash. Please note that tax deductible receipts will be issued by AngelOne Canada in Lacombe, Alberta.

To make a donation, simply click on a missionary above!