New Connections

March 13, 2024

And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.

Revelation 22:12

Dear Friends,

When we sent our last update on February 28, we were leaving for the beautiful island of Vanua Levu to visit an Adventist mission.  Vanua Levu, the second largest island in Fiji, is 46 kms north of our current home-base island of Viti Levu. We were very blessed by our visit to The Mission at Natuvu Creek.  Founded in 2000 by Drs. Thomas and Marta Tooma, the Mission hosts medical and dental mission trips for numerous groups each year.  Equipped with dental, medical and optometric units the Nutuvu Mission provides greatly-needed services for a growing number of locals who come for help.  

Natuvu Mission Clinic

Natuvu Dental Clinic

Not only do these services benefit the patients, but those who have come to serve find a renewed connection with God and leave ready to follow Him again. We were particularly happy to see that the water in Buca Bay (pronounced Bootha Bay) in front of the mission was calm most of the time and would make a good landing place for our float plane. We left much encouraged, having connected with like-minded mission people, and with plans to work together, especially once our Bush Hawk is in-country. 

Dr Denis & Ornella Kalbermatter - Clinic Directors

Clinic Chapel

As we have mentioned previously, we have located an airstrip that could potentially serve as our base on the island of Ovalau. We are praying continuously that God will show us where we should be located. We also need to find a hangar space from which we can begin working when the plane first arrives. We have a critical high level meeting coming up on Friday, March 15 to see if any of the sites we have looked at will be available to us at a cost we can afford. Please pray that God will give us wisdom us we seek to follow His will.

The process of establishing an aviation mission is daunting, for sure. However we are encouraged by other ministries like PAMAS in the Philippines and Peru Projects in South America who are serving their people and bringing the good news of Jesus wherever they can. We know that Jesus will soon return, so time is very short and yet we see so much need all around us. Let's commit to be found working together for the cause of Christ when He returns. 

Prayer Praises & Requests

We thank you for your prayers and support.  We so look forward to the day when Jesus comes and we can gather around the great white throne in gratitude and praise for what King Jesus has done for all of us.

Until then, please keep praying for MiracleAir and specifically:

We praise God for:

Please pray for:

May God continue to richly bless each one of you as we work together in preparation for Jesus' soon return.

Nancy & Norman Hansen