Working While Waiting

May 26, 2022

It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord. Lamentation 3:26

Blessed to be a Blessing

We have just arrived back in Canada after spending 16 months in Central America. As we reflect back, so much has happened during that time. We had no idea that Nancy would be diagnosed with both breast and thyroid cancer and undergo multiple surgeries, nor did we know that God would open the door for hundreds of people to receive desperately needed dental care. We praise God for all these blessings, and that Nancy remains cancer free.

The other incredible blessing is that we were joined by two of our children, Melanie & Steven, who worked along side us as missionaries. Melanie became very active working with local dentist providing dental care and hygiene education impacting over 600 patients in the short 10 months she was there. Steven has used his video editing skills to tell our stories in a compelling format all the while assisting wherever needed.

During our time here in Canada we will be reconnecting with supporters and enjoying a short break. Besides visiting as many churches as possible, we will be attending the Alberta Campmeeting in July and ASI in Florida the beginning of August before returning to Nicaragua. If you would like us to give a presentation at your church please contact us directly and we will do our best to make it possible. (

Waiting for God's Timing

Recently a fellow missionary, Mindy Wlasenko, sent us the following quote to encourage us as she knew how hard we have been working and praying for God to open the doors for full permission for us to operate our float plane in Nicaragua.

We need a calm waiting upon God. The need of this is imperious. It is not the noise and bustle we make in the world which proves our usefulness. See how silently God works! ... Those who desire to labor with God have need of His Spirit every day; they need to walk and labor in meekness and humility of spirit, without seeking to accomplish extraordinary things, satisfied to do the work before them and doing it faithfully. Men may not see or appreciate their efforts, but the names of these faithful children of God are written in heaven among His noblest workers, as scattering His seed in view of a glorious harvest.

This quote was very much appreciated as we continue to work through the complicated process of obtaining the government permissions needed to begin flight operations. We may not always understand why there are delays but we are certain that God has led us to this point and pray that he will continue to do so.

Continuing Prayer Request

We're sure you'll agree it's time that this beautiful red floatplane come to Nicaragua. We know that God's timing is always perfect. There are lots of complexities involved in this happening so we ask you to pray everyday that God will open the doors so this plane can be serving the people along the remote eastern coast of Nicaragua very soon!

Potential Airbase Found

We are excited to report that we have found a potential location for our airbase close to Pearl Lagoon. It has all the attributes we are looking for. Access to the Lagoon so we can land the plane there as well as have a base for our riverboat ministry. In addition there is room for a 3000 ft runway. Please pray that God will continue to lead and direct us through this delicate and lengthy process.

KrinKrin Mission Trip

Imagine living in a community so remote that no dental care has been available for over 6 years. That was the situation for the people living along the northern border with Honduras.

The end of March we completed our most aggressive mission trip yet. We travelled to the remote village of KrinKrin in Northern Nicaragua where we coordinated a dental mission trip with two local dentists and the Lee family who are permanent missionaries in the village. If you haven’t yet seen Steven and Melanie’s video of this amazing trip, be sure to check it out now.

Since returning from KrinKrin, Melanie has assisted in two more dental mission trips, one of which was on the Caribbean Grace, a 40 ft catamaran, that visits remote communities on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. As you can imagine, Steven has been kept very busy producing videos of our activities and helping in many other ways.

Change to the MiracleAir Team

Due to the long delay in obtaining flight permissions, Andrew Hosford, a pilot and mechanic, has decided to move on to another aviation mission that is already flying. He will be serving with the Philippine Adventist Mission Aviation Services (PAMAS). We wish him well as he seeks to serve God through mission aviation and we thank him for his contribution to MiracleAir during the past year and a half. You can continue to follow his story at

Melanie's Mission Update

What an incredible blessing it has been to have our daughter, Melanie, spend a year working with us as a student missionary in Nicaragua. She has directly impacted more than 600 individuals with dental care and oral hygiene education. She will be attending Southern Adventist University in Tennessee in the fall studying nutritional health science. She wants to dedicate her life to preventing and treating chronic diseases, and ultimately saving lives through nutrition. Read her newsletter here.

Ways you can help

  • The most important support you can give us is to pray for us. Ask that we can be filled by the Holy Spirit and follow his divine leading. What an encouragement it is when we are told that we are prayed for EVERY day.

  • MiracleAir plans to support a local missionary over a 6 month period that would work in the communities surrounding Pearl Lagoon. The missionary would receive a salary of $250 per month and we would budget an additional $250 per month that can be used for travel and conducting evangelism. Our goal is to raise $3000 for this 6 month outreach project.

  • Your faithful monthly financial support is the only way we are able to stay in the mission field. Please consider giving even a small donation on a monthly basis. Setup a Monthly Donation

  • During our time in Canada we are looking to borrow or purchase a small RV that we can use at Campmeeting and on our acreage for the summer. If you know of one that is available please give us a call at 403-357-9740.

Prayer Requests & Praises

We praise God for:

  • Our safe return to Canada and the opportunity to recharge and reconnect with supporters

  • The impact we've been able to have in Nicaragua as a family over the past year and a half and for the impact that Melanie has had as a student missionary with the various dental missions she has been a part of.

Please pray for:

  • MiracleAir as we make plans for the upcoming year.

  • Flight permissions to be granted in Nicaragua. We continue to make this an earnest matter of prayer, we pray that God will open the door soon!

  • Our plans to sponsor a local missionary for 6 months in the rural communities on the Caribbean Coast.

  • An RV that we can purchase or borrow for the summer.

  • Melanie as she enters her first year at Southern Adventist University studying nutritional health science and as she works to pay for her university education.

  • Our son Andie as he continues to study at the University of Alberta.

Thank you, once again, to each one of you who love and care for us. We are honored to be working with you in God’s mission field.

Nancy & Norman Hansen

Project Managers & Founders